Resumes and Billing Disclosure Statements

Private Sector Voluntary Grievance Arbitration Panel

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If you are a party to a PERB arbitration case and, for any reason, cannot access, view or download these listings, please contact PERB at 518-457-6014 and arrangements will be made to provide them to you.

Private Sector Panel Arbitrators

Note: Listing on this roster does not guarantee an arbitrator's availability to serve on any given case. The content of the resume or billing disclosure statement represents the most recent information provided by the listed arbitrator to PERB. PERB bears no responsibility for errors or omissions contained on these forms, or for variances in actual practice by the arbitrator.

A through F

G through K

L through R

S through Z

Douglas Abel Richard Gaba Stephen LaLonde John Sands
Richard Adelman Joseph Gabriele Judith LaManna Rocco Scanza
Robert Ahern Deborah Gaines Eric Lawson Saul Scheier
William Babiskin Ramona Gallagher Marilyn Levine Martin Scheinman
Kenneth Balkan Mattye Gandel Katherine Levitan Jeffrey Selchick
Douglas Bantle Lise Gelernter Michael Lewandowski Elliot Shaller
Patricia Bartels Edmund Gerber Joseph Licata Jeffery Sherman
David Bass Thomas Germano Thomas Lilly Jr. Elliot Shriftman
Stuart Bass Eugene Ginsberg Stuart Lipkind Jay Siegel
Stuart Bauchner Mona Glanzer Donald Lloyd Edmund Siejka
Ronald Betso Marlene Gold Ira Lobel Robert Simmelkjaer
Paul Biederman Melinda Gordon Randi Lowitt Janet Spencer
Melissa Biren Timothy Gorman Larry Magarik David Stein
Barton Bloom Gerald Grayson Carr Magel Sally Steinberg-Brent
Stephen Bluth David Gregory Thomas Mahar Jr. Sanford Stevens
Charles Borell Robert Grey Roger Maher Howard Stiefel
Daniel Brent Harry Gudenberg Philip Maier Brenda Strashun
Lisa Brogan Joseph Harris James McDonnell Timothy Taylor
James Brown William Hempfling Ivor Moskowitz Erica Tener
Dennis Campagna Martin Henner Ruth Moscovitch Lisa Ternullo
Michael Capone Nancy Hoffman Jay Nadelbach Lorraine Tesauro
Jeffrey Cassidy E. David Hyland John Nagy Jack Tillem
Richard Chapman Roger Jacobs Sandra Nathan Rosemary Townley
Lisa Charles Randall Kelly Stephen O'Beirne Bruce Trachtenberg
Carl Chernoff John Kennedy Mary O'Connell John Trela
Judith Cohen Monte Klein Louis Patack Alan Viani
James Conlon Michael Klinger Earl Pfeffer Daniel E. Wall
Ira Cure Peter Korn Anne Powers Bonnie Weinstock
Richard Curreri Ronald Kowalski Peter Prosper Jr. Michael Whelan
Melissa Daniel Robert Rabin Howard Wien
Barbara Deinhardt David Raff Alice Winkler
Tia Denenberg Joseph Randazzo Iris Wolinsky
Clifford Donn David Reilly Miriam Winokur
Robert Douglas Arthur Riegel
Jacquelin Drucker Thomas Rinaldo
Howard Edelman Haydee Rosario
Dana Eischen Richard Roth
Nancy Eischen E. Michael Ruberti
Martin Ellenberg
Ardie Epranian
Dorothy Fallon
Michael Fischetti
Howard Foster
Jerry Fullmer

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