Compulsory Interest Arbitration Award Index

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Awards received between April 1, 1979 and March 31, 1980:

Case Number

Impasse Between

Arbitration Panel Chair


IA79-004 Fairview Fire District and Fairview Fire Fighters Association, Inc. Local 1586, IAFF John W. Whittlesey, 56 pages 3/20/1980
IA78-058 Town of Greenburgh and Town of Greenburgh Police Association Paul G. Kell, 54 pages 3/12/1980
IA79-003 Town/Village of Harrison and Harrison Police Benevolent Association Steven J. Goldsmith, 24 pages 3/10/1980
IA79-007 City of Hudson and Hudson Police Benevolent Association Eric W. Lawson Sr., 30 pages 3/3/1980
IA78-054 Town of East Hampton and East Hampton Town Police Benevolent Association Arthur T. Jacobs, 10 pages 2/19/1980
IA79-024 City of Long Beach and City of Long Beach Uniformed Firefighters Association Local 287 Samuel Ranhand, 8 pages 1/29/1980
IA79-011 Village of Granville and Village of Granville Policemen's Benevolent Association James A. Cashen, 16 pages 1/24/1980
IA79-027 City of Lackawanna and Lackwanna Police Benevolent Association Samuel Cugalj, 14 pages 1/21/1980
IA78-053 Town of Cheektowga and Cheektowaga Captains and Lieutenants Association Thomas N. Rinaldo, 20 pages 1/18/1980
IA78-060 Town of Yorktown and Yorktown Police Benevolent Association, Inc. Herbert L. Marx Jr., 10 pages 12/24/1979
IA78-057 City of Niagara Falls and Niagara Falls Uniformed Fire Fighters Association Local 714 AFL-CIO Joel M. Douglas, 32 pages 12/24/1979
IA78-038 Town of Haverstraw and Rockland County Patrolman's Benevolent Association, Inc. Herbert L. Haber, 6 pages 12/4/1979
IA79-014 Village of Penn Yan and Penn Yan Police Benevolent Association Joseph S. Kiss, 14 pages 12/10/1979
IA79-012 Town of Fallsburg and Town of Fallsburg Patrolmen's Benevolent Association Murray Bilmes, 30 pages 11/2/1979
IA78-047 Town of Southold and Southold Town Police Benevolent Association, Inc. Milton Friedman, 14 pages 10/31/1979
IA78-059 Town of Eastchester Fire District and Uniformed Professional Firefighter's Association, Inc., Local 916 Murray Bilmes, 16 pages 10/23/1979
IA79-009 Town of Southampton and Town of Southampton Police Benevolent Association Nathan Cohen, 10 pages 10/19/1979
IA79-018 Town of Mamaroneck and Town of Mamaroneck Police Benevolent Association I. Leonard Seiler, 14 pages 10/18/1979
IA78-002 Town of Tuxedo Policemen's Benevolent Association and Town of Tuxedo Joel M. Douglas, 24 pages 10/17/1979
IA78-042 Town of Mount Pleasant Police Welfare and Benefit Association and Town of Mount Pleasant Howard Ludlow, 16 pages 10/15/1979
IA78-063 City of Niagara Falls and Niagara Falls Police Club, Inc. Milton Friedman, 22 pages 9/25/1979
IA79-002 Town of Orchard Park and The Haag Club Samuel Cugalj, 22 pages 9/14/1979
IA78-062 City of Lackawanna and Lackawanna Fire Department Benevolent Association, Inc. Donald Cullen, 12 pages 9/8/1979
IA78-025 Town of Orangetown and Orangetown Police Benevolent Association Nicholas S. Falcone, 26 pages 8/29/1979
IA79-005 Town of Cheektowga and Town of Cheektowaga Police Club, Inc. Donald P. Goodman, 28 pages 8/18/1979
IA78-066 Town of Newburgh and Town of Newburgh Police Benevolent Association Paul G. Kell, 4 pages 8/17/1979
IA77-046 City of Mount Vernon and Uniformed Fire Fighters Association Inc.(Deputy Chiefs) Thomas J. Newman, 12 pages 8/9/1979
IA78-007 Village of Johnson City and Johnson City Firefighters Association Local 921, AFL-CIO, IAFF Dana E. Eischen, 14 pages 8/6/1979
IA78-035 City of Mount Vernon and Mount Vernon Uniformed Fire Fighters Association Stanley L. Aiges, 14 pages 7/23/1979
IA78-055 Town of Amherst and Amherst Police Club Robert E.Stevens, 38 pages 7/5/1979
IA78-051 Town of Webster and Webster One Thousand Club(Police) Samuel Cugalj, 14 pages 7/5/1979
IA78-050 City of Rochester and Rochester Fire Fighters Local 1071 IAFF AFL-CIO Sumner Shapiro, 24 pages 6/14/1979
IA78-015 City of Newburgh and the International Association of Firefighters, Local 589 Thomas F. Carey, 38 pages 6/6/1979
IA78-020 City of Mount Vernon and Police Association of City of Mount Vernon Herbert L. Marx Jr., 12 pages 6/6/1979
IA78-044 City of Middletown and the International Association of Fire Fighters Local 1027 Thomas F. Carey, 5 pages 5/30/1979
IA78-046 City of Geneva and Aaneas McDonald Police Benevolent Association Robert R. France, 22 pages 5/25/1979
IA77-053 City of New Rochelle and Police Association of the City of New Rochelle, Inc. Josef P. Sirefman, 20 pages 5/21/1979
IA78-019 Buchanan Police Benevolent Association and Inc. Village of Buchanan Edward Levin, 16 pages 5/18/1979
IA78-001 Local 294 International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen, and Helpers of America Lawrence T. Holden Jr., 10 pages 5/17/1979
IA78-052 Town of Dewitt and Dewitt Police Benevolent Association Robert Koretz, 8 pages 5/11/1979
IA78-032 City of Rome and Philip S. McDonald Police Benevolent Association, Inc. of Rome, New York Dale S. Beach, 20 pages 5/11/1979
IA79-001 Village of Horsehead and Horsehead Police Benevolent Association Fred L. Denson, 18 pages 5/7/1979
IA78-016 Town of Riverhead and Riverhead Police Benevolent Association Inc. Thomas F. Carey, 28 pages 5/4/1979
IA78-017 Village of Johnson City and Johnson City Police Benevolent Association Irving E. Markowitz, 16 pages 5/1/1979
IA78-041 Town of Ramapo and Ramapo Policemen's Benevolent Association Theodore H. Lang, 18 pages 4/27/1979
IA78-037 City of Rochester and Rochester Police Locust Club Inc. Sumner Shapiro, 30 pages 4/23/1979
IA78-011 Village of Rockville Centre and Rockville Centre Police Benevolent Association Inc. Josef P. Sirefman, 18 pages 4/20/1979
IA78-012 Town of Kent and Town of Kent Police Benevolent Association Howard Ludlow, 3 pages 4/16/1979
IA78-013 City of White Plains and Professional Fire Fighters Association Local 274, IAFF Thomas J. Newman, 28 pages 4/12/1979
IA78-040 Village of Mamaroneck and Police Benevolent Association of the Village of Mamaroneck, Inc. Martin Ellenberg, 4 pages 4/9/1979
IA78-031 City of Salamanca and Salamanca Police Benevolent Association John E. Drotning, 26 pages 4/3/1979
IA79-022 Village of Nyack and Nyack Police Organization Nicholas S. Falcone, 18 pages 1/25/1979

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