Compulsory Interest Arbitration Award Index

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Awards received between April 1, 1976 and March 31, 1977:

Case Number

Impasse Between

Arbitration Panel Chair


CA-0074 Village of Depew and Depew Police Benevolent Association Charles S. Sobol, 10 pages 3/31/1977
CA-0120 City of Lockport and Lockport Prof'l Firefighters Association James A. Sharp, 5 pages 3/28/1977
CA-0109 City of Watertown and Watertown Firefighters Association, Local 191, I.A.F.F. John W. McConnell, 5 pages 3/21/1977
CA-0104 City of Buffalo and Buffalo Prof'l Fire Fighters Association, Local 282, IAFF, AFL-CIO Rodney E. Dennis, 22 pages 3/17/1977
CA-0110 Village of Mount Kisco and Prof'l Advancement Committee of the Police Department of the Village of Mount Kisco Daniel House, 7 pages 3/16/1977
CA-0087 Town of New Castle and New Castle Police Benevolent Association Lawrence I. Hammer, 13 pages 3/11/1977
CA-0117 The City of Batavia and Genesee Police Benevolent Association John E. Drotning, 6 pages 3/8/1977
CA-0039 City of Rochester and International Association of Firefighters, Local 1071 John E. Drotning, 8 pages 1/3/1977
CA-0107 Village of Ossining and Village of Ossining Policemen's Association, Inc. Joseph P. Doyle, 5 pages 12/27/1976
CA-0080 Village of Tuckahoe and Tuckahoe Police Benevolent Association Herbert L. Haber, 10 pages 12/22/1976
CA-0093 City of Kingston and Kingston Prof'l Fire Fighters Local 461 Sumner Shapiro, 6 pages 12/21/1976
CA-0077 Village of Scarsdale and Scarsdale Police Benevolent Association Evelyn S. Brand, 16 pages 12/13/1976
CA-0086 City of Utica and Utica Prof'l Fire Fighters Association James A. Healy, 6 pages 12/7/1976
CA-0103 Village of Dansville and Coco Bolo Club Howard G. Foster, 12 pages 11/17/1976
CA-0083 Town of Greenburgh and Greenburgh Police Benevolent Association Nicholas S. Falcone, 30 pages 11/17/1976
CA-0068 Village of Tarrytown and Tarrytown Police Association Meyer Drucker, 16 pages 11/12/1976
CA-0094 City of Kingston and Kingston Patrolmen's Association I. Leonard Seiler, 14 pages 11/1/1976
CA-0072 Village of East Hampton and East Hampton Police Benevolent Association James A. Healy, 12 pages 10/26/1976
CA-0088 Inc. Village of Freeport and Freeport Police Benevolent Association Benjamin Rubenstein, 23 pages 10/26/1976
CA-0078 City of White Plains and White Plains Police Benevolent Association Theodore H. Lang, 14 pages 10/13/1976
CA-0090 Village of Herkimer and Herkimer Permanent Fireman's Benevolent Association David C. Randles, 3 pages 10/13/1976
CA-0079 Town of Poughkeepsie and Town of Poughkeepsie Police Benevolent Association Howard T. Ludlow, 12 pages 10/4/1976
CA-0020 City of Long Beach and Long Beach Patrolmen's Benevolent Association Arthur T. Jacobs, 17 pages 9/29/1976
CA-0084 Village of Canton and Canton Police Association William A. Hazell, 36 pages 9/27/1976
CA-0064 Village of North Tarrytown and North Tarrytown Police Benevolent Association Nicholas S. Falcone, 42 pages 9/21/1976
CA-0070 The Village of Alden and Alden Police Benevolent Association Robert B. McKersie, 6 pages 9/16/1976
CA-0081 Village of Port Chester and the Port Chester Police Association Philip Carey, 20 pages 9/10/1976
CA-0054 Village of Buchanan and Buchanan Police Department I. Leonard Seiler, 16 pages 9/7/1976
CA-0092 The City of Buffalo and Buffalo Police Benevolent Association Thomas N. Rinaldo, 22 pages 9/7/1976
CA-0067 City of Gloversville and Gloversville Police Benevolent Association Thomas F. Carey, 18 pages 9/2/1976
CA-0076 City of Norwich and Norwich Police Benevolent Association Thomas F. Carey, 14 pages 9/1/1976
CA-0099 Village of Massena and Massena Police Protective Association Harley Scott, 2 pages 8/27/1976
CA-0089 Village of Newark and C.S.E.A.(Police Unit) Rodney E. Dennis, 22 pages 8/26/1976
CA-0069 Town of Mamaroneck and Mamaroneck Police Benevolent Association I. Leonard Seiler, 10 pages 8/16/1976
CA-0042 Village of Westhampton Beach and Westhampton Beach Police Benevolent Association Edward Levin, 3 pages 8/13/1976
CA-0058 City of Niagara Falls and Niagara Falls Police Club, Inc. John E. Sands, 10 pages 8/9/1976
CA-0060 Village of Garden City and Garden City Police Benevolent Association Daniel G. Collins, 24 pages 7/21/1976
CA-0059 Town of Ramapo and Ramapo Police Benevolent Association Max M. Doner, 4 pages 7/19/1976
CA-0049 The City of Albany and Albany Police Officers, Union, Local 2841, Council 82, AFSCME, AFL-CIO Jonas Silver, 38 pages 6/28/1976
CA-0062 City of Plattsburgh and New York State Permanent Firemen's Association #57 Jesse Simons, 20 pages 6/23/1976
CA-0047 Village of Spring Valley and Policemen's Benevolent Association of the Village of Spring Valley Sidney A. Wolf, 16 pages 5/10/1976

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