New York State Seal
Jerome Lefkowitz, Chairman

Sheila S. Cole, Member

PERB Meeting Agenda & Draft Minutes

April 12, 2013
Albany, New York

                       SHEILA S. COLE, Member

                              Staff: William A. Herbert, Deputy Chair & Counsel
                                         Kevin B. Flanigan, Director of Conciliation
                                         Sheila Talavera, Secretary to the Board

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  1. BOARD DISCUSSION (Open Meeting)
    1. Minutes of February 5, 2013 Board Meeting for approval -- Approved.
    2. The following individuals were placed on the PERB neutral panels identified:
      1. John M. Donahue: Mediation, Fact-Finding, and Public Voluntary Arbitration Panels.
      2. Nancy Faircloth Eischen: Interest Arbitration Panel.
      3. David J. Reilly, Esq.: Public and Private Voluntary Arbitration Panels.
      4. David W. Watkins: Mediation and Fact-Finding Panels.

  2. QUASI-JUDICIAL MATTERS (Exempt from Open Meetings Law)
    1. S-0006 - County of Suffolk.
    2. U-29746 - Dutchess United Educators & Dutchess Community College and County of Dutchess.
    3. UP-32452 - Associated Musicians of Greater New York, Local 802, AFM & Neshoma Orchestras.
    4. U-32090 - United Federation of Teachers, Local 2, AFT, AFL-CIO & Sisulu-Walker Charter School of Harlem.
    5. U-29374 - Civil Service Employees Association, Inc., Local 1000, AFSCME, AFL-CIO & City of White Plains.
    6. U-31231 - Jill Guttman & Board of Education of the City School District of the City of New York.
    7. TIA2012-022 - MTA Bus Company & Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1179.
    8. C-6135- Civil Service Employees Association, Inc., Local 1000, AFSCME, AFL-CIO & Chautauqua County Sheriff's Employees Association & County of Chautauqua and Chautauqua and Chautauqua County Sheriff.
    9. C-6124 - United Public Service Employees Union & Town of Pine Plains.
    10. C-6160 - James Carter & Union Public Library & Uniondale Public Library Staff Association.
    11. C-6120 - Romulus Administrator Association & Romulus Central School District.
    12. C-6082 - Commanding Officers Association of Long Beach, New York, Inc. & City of Long Beach & Patrolmen's Benevolent Association of the City of Long Beach, Inc.
    13. C-6175 - Teamsters Local 687, County of Franklin & United Public Service Employees Union.
    14. C-6175 - Teamsters Local 687, Petitioner & County of Franklin, Employer.

    Updated: 4/10/13


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