Office of Conciliation

The Office of Conciliation has primary responsibility for providing collective bargaining related dispute resolution services throughout the state. The Director is located in the Albany office, which is staffed with an Assistant Director, three full-time mediators, an Arbitration Panel Administrator and two support persons. The Buffalo and Brooklyn regional offices are each supervised by a Chief Regional Mediator, who serves as Regional Director, and are each staffed with a full-time mediator and support person. The three primary functions for which the Office is responsible are:
  1. administration of the impasse resolution procedures, including interest arbitration;
  2. administration of the voluntary grievance arbitration and staff mediation/arbitration procedures;
  3. administration of the Labor-Management Committee program.

The Conciliation Office also maintains a collection of approximately 4000 collective bargaining agreements that exist between the public employers and the employee organizations representing their employees, throughout the state. The Office administers a Contract Analysis Program (CAP), by which it analyzes information received from an annual survey it sends to all public employers, requesting information about select employment terms in each of their bargaining units. This resulted in the January 1999 publication of the first CAP report, covering 1995, 1996 and 1997.


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